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Our founder has always been passionate about movement as she spent 14 years as a dancer. Eventually, she found Yoga as the extension of that passion for movement.

She met a trainer who introduced her to boxing and she found another way to move.

During the pandemic, unable to access a gym, she put a heavy bag in her garage, and started training by alternating yoga flow and boxing rounds. She convinced her trainer to give it a try.


After years of treating yoga as a "good complement to fitness", he decided to go on a 12 weeks program alternating between Boxing and Yoga... The result surprised him, he felt stronger, increased mobility, and chronic pain subsided.


They collaborated and created a workout that covers every aspect of fitness into something that is now called YBX Fitness. Yoga, Boxing eXperience.

Mobility, Speed, Endurance, Strength, Coordination...



YBX Fitness is bringing what is missing in the fitness industry; a workout where every aspect of fitness and movement are implemented; improving the way you move, eradicating chronic pain and getting you in the best shape of your life

Our Founder Amanda


Our vision is to create a brand centered on our members and the community by the trainers. The brand focuses on fitness professionals before capital gains, offering an opportunty of growth for trainers and instructors as well as our members. We want to be recognized for our unparalled expertise and unique studio experience ; empowering one anothers fitness goals


while improving the health and wellness of each individual. 

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