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I'm a beginner is that ok?

Yes it is great, most of our members were beginners. Our coaches will help you progress and learn the right forms for Boxing, Yoga and weight lifting.

Do I need gloves and a yoga mat?

Not necessary we have loaners gloves ($3) that are clean with high heat and Ozone, and Yoga mat. But you are welcome to bring your own.

Is Bootycamp a good class if i never lifted before?

Absolutely! You will be sore for a couple days after your first class, our coaches will teach you proper form and take it slow to be sure that you don't get injured. Our community is amazing and will support you as well!

What is the easiest class?

Probably YBX Boxing. It is a technical class to help you progress and have a better experience during the signature classes.

I'm not from this area can I still join a class?

Yes of course but no free classes or special sales if you are not living in a 30 miles radius from the studio

Do you have any other locations?

Not yet, YBX Fitness SOFA is the first one. We are planning to develop the concept around the bay  and franchise YBX Fitness. If you are interested in Investing in YBX Fitness Inc. or open a franchise click here

What is the smoke in the room?

It's not smoke but haze used for light design, it's perfectly safe to workout around it and breath (water based).

Is the music loud?

Yes it is, not as loud than a night club, just loud enough for a full immersion.

Are you using Strobe light?

Only during the last round, if you are sensitive let the coach know.


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