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All of our classes are challenging in different way. We develop YBX Fitness with the idea that you will be able to work on every aspect of your fitness

without going anywhere else!


No experience is necessary to start your journey with us.

Increase your Mobility, Strength, Endurance, Speed, Stamina,... with one studio!

One Workout to Rule them All, and awake the zen fighter in you!





15 minutes of Yoga 3/4 rounds of 3 mins of Boxing on our water bag, 10/12 minutes of strength focusing on different part of the body, 1 or 2 more rounds of Boxing and 5/10 minutes of Yoga/stretching.


15 minutes of Yoga 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval (45/15, 30/30, 20/10...) of Boxing on our water bag, 10/15 minutes of High Intensity Intervals of conditioning (battle rope, air bike, Kettlebell moves,....), one last round of Boxing and 5/10 minutes of Yoga/stretching.


15 minutes of Core work, 45 minutes of Boxing focusing on a technical approach for a better experience during our main classes. Light sparring and partner work, speed bag, mit work, heavy bag,....


15 minutes of Yoga and Mobility. 75 minutes of Strength, heavy and bodybuilding oriented. It's a partner workout, you will go through every station with another member motivating and pushing each other.

WARNING: Lifting experienced is preferred but not required, let the instructor know if you are new to lifting weight and if you have injuries that could affect your workout.


60 minutes class, 15 yoga, 45 minutes strength focusing on two muscles group and some cardio. We split the week that way:

  • Monday Shoulders and Traps

  • Tuesday Leg day (bootycamp)

  • Wednesday Back and Biceps

  • Thursday Leg day

  • Friday Chest and Triceps

  • Saturday Leg day

  • Sunday Coach's pick!

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